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Gourmandise Dopo Cena, located 9869 Avenue du Parc-Georges, has been working with Summit School’s Job Training and Integration Program since 2013. Many of our students have been given a work-study opportunity to practice their dishwashing and maintenance skills. In addition, one of our stagiaires was hired part-time in 2017 and is ​still there to this day. Gourmandise Dopo Cena has been extremely supportive of our students. This is an example of a local business that gives back to the community.

The owner​, John Perrotta has also opened his doors to Summit Bistro in May. Willow Stewart​, our Pastry Chef instructor and TECC students got the opportunity to work in his amazing kitchen. Decadent cheesecakes were made by our students for Mother’s Day. We can't wait to see what Father's day will bring. Thank you, John, for your support!

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