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Our School

Established in 1963, Summit School has been on the forefront of special needs education in Canada.

Our History

The story of Summit School began in 1963 (the same year the Beatles released their first album!) At that time, four sets of parents whose children had Down Syndrome decided that a "school" needed to be created to serve their needs. It began as a summer camp, and the next year, Soryl Rosenberg, was hired as the first official teacher and the camp turned into a school. It started with six students, and each year became a little bit bigger. In 1971, with an enrollment of 42, Gloria Cherney was hired to be the principal. Under Gloria’s direction the school grew and developed its student-first educational approach. Gloria served as principal for forty-two years.

In 2013, Herman Erdogmus became the school's Director General. He has continued to oversee the growth of the school while maintaining its student-first philosophy. During his tenure, Summit's focus on unique and innovative teaching methods has led to the establishment of the school's Performing Arts Department, Research Centre and thriving learn-to-work businesses. 

We Promote:

Well Being

An Interdisciplinary Approach

A Sense of Belonging



Our Mission

 A Holistic Approach

We dedicate ourselves to providing a supportive environment that meets each student’s needs and fosters learning, personal growth, well-being and independence. In this way, we can ensure that our students begin their adult journey as engaged members of their community, equipped with the confidence and skills they need to lead a fulfilling life. 

Family Engagement

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