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Behavior Technicians

Encouraging students to adopt a healthy attitude toward themselves and their education is of paramount importance.

The Power of a Positive Outlook

The Behavior Technicians are an integral part of every team. They are on the front lines with the students, helping them navigate their educational experience. 

Often, social and/or emotional pressure can get the better of our students, many of whom have diagnosis that make these aspects of life a challenge to manage. Our behavior technicians are there to guide and motivate students toward an understanding of the consequences of their behavior as well as teaching them the enduring value of a positive point of view. 

Behavior Technicians work hand in hand with teachers, psychologists and other professional to ensure that intervention strategies for the students are understood and consistent.

Behavior technicians along with other team members are the staff coaches for the PBIS program.  They not only work with the students for implementation but they guide the staff and in-service them on behavioral techniques as well

NVCI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention):

Summit School highly values the relationships that our staff has with our students.  It is thought that relationship building is the foundation for students achieving academic and individual success.  It is also thought that staff empowerment leads to professional satisfaction.  To help facilitate relationship-building and staff satisfaction, we ensure that our staff receive certification in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI). 

NVCI is a 2-day training program that helps our staff build relationships with their students.  It is facilitated by Summit School's certified NVCI Trainers, Joe Coombs and Cindy McComb.

We use clinically proven de-escalation strategies, that helps to prepare our students for future challenges, while at the same time, helps to empower Teachers and Support staff with skills development. 

Intervention Areas

Managing Behavior

Helping students become aware of their emotions and learn
how to manage them

Reinforcing positive behaviors
with appropriate rewards

Positive Supports

Social Learning

Teaching students how to navigate their social envirnoment

Preventing problematic behavior through proactivity


Helping develop an implement individualized behavior management plans

Behavior Plans

Using examples of positive and negative reactions to teach appropriate behaviors


Our Team of Behavior Technicians



Behavior Department Head


Michael Peris

Behavior Technician



Behavior Technician



Behavior Technician



Behavior Technician



Behavior Technician


Emilie Zwaig

Behavior Technician

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