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School Administration

We believe in a creative, student-centered approach to education, and focus on discovering the strengths of each pupil and fostering those strengths so they can fulfil their individual potential. - Herman Erdogmus, Director General

Herman Erdogmus - Director General, Summit School


Herman has spent his career working in the educational sector with youth with developmental disabilities. He has served as Director General of Summit School since 2013. In this capacity he has overseen the continued growth of the school. Under his direction new educational, arts, and vocational programs have been added to the school's long list of innovative educational initiatives. Herman's current objectives are to expand the main campus to include a new gym, cafeteria, art space and classrooms. Also he has encouraged the development of SCERT, the school's research department that partners with McGill professors to help generate research that can be used to improve educational practices and quality of life for youth with developmental disabilities. 


Bena Finkelberg - Senior Principal

Bena has spent her entire career working with children in both leisure and educational settings. She has sat on the educational committee at Hebrew Foundation School as well as the governing Board at Westpark School.  Bena started at Summit School 32 years ago as a teaching assistant. She has been involved in Summit Schools satellite classes, itinerant program as well as the summer camp program.  She was an educational consultant for many years before becoming Vice Principal, and relishes the opportunity to work with such an extraordinary interdisciplinary team. Bena’s commitment to the success of every child at Summit School has always been at the forefront of every decision she makes. 

Cindy Larson- Principal of Summit Satellite Campuses


Cindy joined Summit School in 1993 as a summer camp counsellor. The experience inspired her to pursue a career in education. Returning to Summit in 1997 as a classroom teacher, she had the opportunity to teach a variety of programs offered at Summit, including the work training program at the TECC campus.  Her experience in the classroom enabled her to eventually fulfill the role of Educational Consultant and later, Department Head. With her keen interest in educational technology and accessibility, Cindy is committed to ensuring the implementation of technology to enhance literacy, life, and work skills of Summit students. Being at the forefront of this fundamental shift, allowing students to thrive in an ever-changing pedagogical environment, has been very rewarding. Cindy is honoured to be part of the administration team to continue her work alongside Summit's outstanding  and dedicated staff.


Tanya Peixe

Vice Principal 

Academic and Curriculum




Costa Kyriakou

Vice Principal

Social, Emotional and Behavioral 



Josh Cunningham

Vice Principal




Meet Rest of the Team


Alex Schor

Director of Finances


514-744-2867 ext 256


Jesse Heffring

Director of Development


Office: 514-744-2867 ext 226

Cell: (514) 652-1252


Lucy Orsini



514-744-2867 ext 266

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