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Job Training Program

Our Job Training Program matches students who are eager to learn how to work with incredible Montreal businesses who are willing to give them a chance.

Learning to Work In the Community

Students in our post secondary program have the opportunity to participate in work experiences outside of the school. Participation in the Job Training Program provides potential employers with the power to make a positive change in a student's life. Through their mentorship of our students these business professionals are proactively helping the community and promoting diversity in a truly tangible way.

The success of our program is due in part to our commitment to creating conditions that foster enriching experiences for students and the business community. Over 50 companies have provided work-study opportunities or part-time employment to Summit School students since the program began over 25 years ago. (For information about our "In-House" Job Training Program, click here.)

Featured Job Training Partner

Job Contact

Our Mandate

To offer Summit School students aged 16-21 years the opportunity to develop job, social and employable skills through ‘stage’ placements.

Why You Should Get Involved

  • Make a difference in a persons life

  • Enrich employee experience as well as offer invaluable support, life skills and future opportunities to our students

  • By promoting diversity, you help support your community in a truly tangible way

  • Receive government support for certain permanent offerings

How To Get Involved

Contact our Job Program Director: Lone Bordo

514 744 2867 ext. 235



“This I tell all the companies: You’re going to get the work and the dedication that is expected, but to give a person so much satisfaction, that is the greatest feeling.”


—  Vince Iannotti - Co-Owner, Mansfield Medical

Watch our Job Training Video

In House

"In-House" Learn to Work Programs

Summit School has implemented 'stage' programs at all three campuses.  This engages students in learning aspects of the world of work, prior to experiencing actual business environments.. 

Students learn how to follow instructions, interact appropriately with their supervisor, perform tasks to completion, manage distractions and many other soft skills.

They also get a chance to learn what they like to do. The list of possible "in-house" stages are many. Stages include:

  • Receptionist

  • Prep Cook

  • Dishwashing

  • Mail Sorting

  • Recycling

  • Packaging

  • Leatherworking

  • Cashier

  • Janitorial

  • Flower Arranging

  • Craft making

  • Shelf Stocking

  • Photocopying

  • Videography

Some of our "In-house" job programs sell goods and services to the public. Visit the Summit Marketplace below:

Job Integration Program Team Members



Job Program Director

"Our goal is to teach our students social and work skills to the best of our ability.  We are determined to give them a fighting chance when they decide to enter the working world."



Job Coach

“Working as a job coach has opened my eyes to many aspects of teaching young adults with special needs. Their resilience and drive to succeed in the working world is a true testament to what they can ultimately achieve.”



Job Coach

“Our students work very hard to attain their ‘stage’. By the time they reach your company, they have learned the importance of being a reliable worker. They show dedication in completing each assignment correctly.”



Job Coach

“Never tell a person that they cannot do something. We are not defined by our challenges, but by our strengths. A big "Thank you" to all the companies that take our students in, allowing them to grow, develop and discover their inner strengths. Let us continue to be their voice.”


Kelly Grevatt
Job Coach

"Not all skills come easily to everyone. Our students show dedication and willingness to prevail no matter the difficulty. The Job Coach is there to help, adapt and support along the way."

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