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Educational Philosophy

Our goal is to awaken each student's potential.

Under One Roof

Here, an individualized strategy is designed for each student’s particular educational, social and developmental needs. Educators, occupational and speech therapists, physiotherapists, social workers and psychologists work together under one roof. Their goal is to awaken each student’s potential.

Summit School's educational programming is mandated by MEES. Teachers listen and observe the needs of their students and ensure that no child falls through the cracks. Staff are continually exposed to the latest educational theories and research.
It is a place where new ideas come from teachers, parents and students. Every step of the way, Summit School keeps its focus on “Awakening the Potential” of each student who passes through its doors.




We Encourage:

Self Confidence

Self Determination

Professional Development

Use of Technology


Research and Expertise

Family Inclusion

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