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Physical Education

The importance of physical activity and healthy living is well documented and something we believe in at Summit School!

Let's Get Physical!

The Physical Education Department implements programs of physical activities, sports, and exercise that are designed to help the students develop fundamental motor skills (running, jumping) and object control skills (throwing, catching), and then subsequently use these skills in a wide range of games and sports. Lifelong fitness and participation in physical activity throughout the lifespan is integral to the goals of the program.


Emphasis is also placed on community leisure skills such as swimming, skating, hockey, fitness walking and running. Outreach programs such as ‘in-school” Special Olympics activities and “inter-school” competitive sport options are offered. Every attempt is made to develop a full range of skills, fitness activities and sport opportunities to suit the various needs of the students in the school. Physical Education is an integral part of student life at all three campuses: main campus, Lauren Hill Academy (LHA), and TECC downtown


Summit Students are offered a lunchtime intramural athletics program. The three sports covered throughout the school year are basketball, indoor hockey, and soccer. There are twelve teams divided between two leagues, with an average of six to eight players per team. The leagues function on a five game schedule, with playoffs determining the champions. 


Numerous students are involved in helping organize these games, including assistant refereeing, and score keeping. It is an opportunity to assume some responsibility in a sport setting and practice appropriate leadership skills.

The seasons culminate with all-star games, one for students versus students, and the other pitting students against staff. These programs are immensely popular, and have become an intricate part of student life at Summit School.

Intramural Scores

and Schedules

The Healthy and Active Living Committee

The Health and Active Living Committee  is a collaborative initiative with the Physical Education, Physiotherapy and Nursing departments. Itwas established to provide updated and verified information on nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors that influence health in the form of information bulletins, simple activities, and materials and resources.  We do this by creating fun and engaging initiatives that are encouraged, but optional. Featured projects include "the Staff Role Modeling Active Living Project" and the “Concussion Awareness Project”.


Physical Education Featured Programs

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Terry Fox Activities


Since 1991, the Physical Education Department has organized a series of events that celebrate the legacy of Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope (1980).  The inaugural Terry Fox Run took place in September 1981, and today, communities across Canada organize running events.  More recently, schools throughout Canada host the “National School Run Day” in late September, which serves as a means of unifying schools across the country and sensitize students to this worthy cause.  This is a great way to start the school year and in September 2020, Summit School will take part in its 30th run, with every student participating and learning about the ongoing legacy of Terry Fox.

Defi Sport

High School Basketball Game

The PE department offers training programs and inter-school competitive sport opportunities to primary and high school age students in the following disciplines: track and field, long distance running, basketball, ball hockey, and swimming. All sports team participants attend the annual DEFI Sport competition at Centre Claude Robillard in the spring.

Special Olympics


The PE department, in conjunction with Special Olympics Quebec, provides “in-school” training programs and competitive event opportunities in the following disciplines: Track and field, curling, swimming, and boccia.  Special Olympics hosts “in-school” events in each discipline. Opportunities are also provided for students to participate in downhill and cross-country ski initiation days, nature hikes and snowshoe activities using local parks and facilities.

Learn To Swim

IMG_1784 (1).JPG

The PE department, in collaboration with the physiotherapy department, offer ‘learn to swim” instruction to early primary age students who benefit from high ration aquatic therapy and skill initiation in a safe environment.

Learn To Bike

IMG_3312 (1).jpg

The PE department, in collaboration with the Physiotherapy department, offer a “learn to bike” progression to early primary aged students who benefit from high ratio initiation skills in a safe environment. Information sessions are offered to parents.



Parkour is a movement training discipline that uses obstacle courses with the aim of getting from one point to another using running, climbing, and jumping skills to name a few. It has been debated whether Parkour is an art or a skill, as it teaches students to move with “care” and to “think” before you act.  Parkour practice works on strength, fitness, balance and focus, while improving confidence, problem solving, creativity and reasoning.

Satellite&TECC Specialty Programs


Boys During a Sports Practice

The PE department offers many opportunities to high school age students at the LHA and TECC campuses:

  • Leadership: LHA Physical Education Council

  • Motivational learning: guest speakers

  • Integrated completion opportunities: Montreal Halo Race

  • Extra programming: Running clubs, nutrition counseling

  • Community access: TECC students use the Greene Centre gymnasium and kitchen; McGill University Athletics facilities; Circus school

  • Tennis month: featuring weekly tennis tournaments with staff versus students. 

Boys Kayaking

The Physical Education Department organizes a winter camp (February) and a spring camp (June) each school year.  These three-day camps provide an opportunity for many students to experience seasonal activities in a natural setting away from home and school.  In the winter, the activities include snowshoeing, tubing, sliding, walking, and lots of 'snow’ fun!  At spring camp, the activities include swimming, boating, canoeing, nature walks, and lots of ‘outdoor’ fun!  Students and classes interact and learn outside of their regular classrooms creating lasting memories.

Our Physical Education Department


Don Finlay

Phys Ed. Department Head


Tina Malette

Physical Education Teacher


Brenna Mingo-Hanley

Physical Education Teacher


Alyssa Wilson

Physical Education Teacher



Physical Ed. Assistant

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