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Summit's Holiday Raffle!

Check out this video to see where the proceeds from our Annual Holiday Raffle go! Buy your tickets now! The Summit Holiday Raffle is STACKED with amazing prizes, Including AIR CANADA tickets so generously donated by the Air Canada Foundation. We have over 40 prizes and the list keeps growing. Buy your tickets now! Click the link below for more information.


We dedicate ourselves to providing a supportive, expert environment that meets each student’s needs and fosters learning, personal growth, well-being and independence. In this way, we can ensure that our students begin their adult journey as engaged members of their community, equipped with the confidence and skills they need to lead a fulfilling life. 


Exciting new projects happen at Summit every year. Help us in any way you can to raise funds and awareness.

The calendar for the 2023-2024 School Year is now available

Do you have or represent a business that could offer our students a three

month work "stage"?

Let's connect!

Our school has many workplace training programs. Help support these important stepping stones by checking out our marketplace.

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