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Every year Summit School relies on donations to continue to deliver its diverse, effective and empowering educational programs.


The Summit Angels program ensures our school's low teaching staff to student ratio. It also helps with the ongoing costs of maintenenance of classrooms, school grounds and important facilities. 


By becoming an Angel you are ensuring that our school continues to offer life-changing programs in a dynamic environment. 

Become an Summit Angel Today

For $30 per Month
you can be an Angel for one Summit School Student

Or make a one time payment of $360

Become an Angel for two students... five...
a whole class.

Pay monthly or all at once $360 per student.

Customize the amount you are able to pay.

Pay what you can to become a Summit Angel

Programs And Initiatives Covered by Angels


Summit School's Centre for Education Research and Training

Performing Arts

Plays and special arts events that are held each year

Job Training

Program that places students in job stages with full job coach support


Various field trips, travel training and community outings

Extra Staff

To maintain a low teaching staff to student ratio


Computers, smartboards and software licenses


Bus monitors on each of

40+ routes


School buildings and grounds needs to be upkept on a yearly basis

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