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"The earth laughs in flowers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson




Summit Flora is a work-oriented training program for students between the age of 16 and 21.  Its primary objective is to provide an environment where our students can develop problem solving, fine motor, and social skills through a creative and hands on approach. Your order provides our students with the opportunity to practice their skills and gain valuable working experience that will hopefully increase the likelihood of future employment.


This is not a fundraising program, but rather an opportunity to provide critical job-training experience to our students.  Should any funds be raised through any of our initiatives, they are either re-distributed to the students or applied directly back into the program. 


Most importantly though, the beautiful creations they assemble serve as a source of positivity and inspiration.

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Seasonal Products

Christmas Ornaments


Need gifts ideas or want a little something to merry up a holiday corner. Why not check out Flora's wreaths and treats ?

Holiday Cheer.jpeg
Festival Florals.jpeg

Flower Marketplace

At Summit Flora, we make flower delivery simple, accessible & socially responsible. Our flowers are chosen according to what is seasonal, looks fresh and is generally fantastic at the Flower Market. 


If you are looking for a more bespoke flower display please contact us, we have some "previous picks" we'd love to share with you.

Summit Flora offers different bouquets throughout the year.  Check back frequently!

Events and Special Orders

Summit Flora is always happy to discuss flowers arrangements for you special events. 


As the program is limited by school hours and curriculum priorities, we are not always able to accommodate large or off-time events. 


As we are usually dashing around the workshop or out delivering, it can be tricky to get to the phone. We always have access to email, so if you can, that's the best way to get in touch. 

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