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Summit Copy Centre

Summit School's learn-to-work programs are an important step

in preparing our students for the workplace.

School Supply

Supplying the School

Summit School’s Copy Center is a non-profit initiative that creates a dynamic “learn to work” environment for our students. It is run out of the TECC downtown campus.


It serves as an internal “stage” placement.  Our hardworking and talented Copy Center team is involved in the all stages of the work  that happens in the Copy Center including cutting, copying, folding, stapling, laminating, binding and much more. 

Our innovative program produces over thirty different styles of notebooks for all Summit School students. We also hand produce the school's yearly agenda as well as yearbooks for all the Summit educational teams.

Our copy center also accepts print jobs from outside the school.

Services We Offer

  • Photocopying (colour & bw)

  • Printing (colour & bw)

  • Business Cards

  • Binding (Spiral, Staple and Coverbind)

  • Stapling

  • Hole punching

  • Assembling

  • Personalized Greeting Cards



*Pricing on demand*

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Krystal Bailey

(514) 933-4464

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