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COVID-19 Updates

Notice from Summit School

Government Guidelines

 Return to School during Covid 19


As you are all aware, our school year starting in August, will be different than years before. With Covid 19, the rules, regulations and expectations change daily, and we have been working extensively at creating a new normal for our school. The safety and security of all students, staff and families remains our number one priority, and will be at the forefront of all decision- making for the upcoming year, while maintaining the high standards that Summit School prides itself on.


Guidelines will be ever changing, but some strict protocols will remain important to keep our Summit family safe.


  • A student with any symptom of Covid 19 such as fever, cough, trouble breathing or loss of sense of smell without a stuffy nose, will be required to stay home, as directed by Public Health.

  • If a student presents to school with any of these symptoms, they will be immediately quarantined appropriately in school, and sent home immediately.

  • Anyone who has been told to self-isolate by their regional public health office, is not permitted to enter the school

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID‑19, is not permitted to enter the school

  • Anyone who has had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID‑19, is not permitted to enter the school

  • Anyone who has returned from travelling until their period of self-isolation is over, is not permitted to enter the school

  • Staff who develop symptoms compatible with COVID‑19 during the day will be dismissed immediately, Public Health will be notified and will take charge of the situation.

  • Hand hygiene must be performed when entering the school, before and after each recess, before and after eating food, using the washroom and when leaving the school.

  • Bus transportation will be altered, providing the physical distancing rules will still be in effect.

  • Staff may be wearing Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks, face shields, gloves and gowns if needed based upon more up to date guidelines with the evolving situation.

Please check back for all COVID-19 developments.

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