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Let's Get Physical

The Physical Education Department implements programs of physical activities, sports, and exercise that are designed to help the students develop fundamental motor skills (running, jumping) and object control skills (throwing, catching), and then subsequently use these skills in a wide range of games and sports. Emphasis is also placed on community leisure skills such as swimming and skating, as well as yoga and community fitness options for older students. Every attempt is made to develop a full range of skills, fitness activities and sport opportunities to suit the various needs of the students in the school.

Community facilities are used for various programs (swimming, skating, hockey, fitness). The Department also coordinates competitive events, including Special Olympics, Defi Sportif, and the GMAA Halo Race.  Other events hosted throughout the year include Terry Fox Week, Jump Rope for Heart, Winter Carnival, and various sports tournaments. There are two levels of Intramurals that run throughout the year. The sports covered are basketball, indoor hockey, and soccer, and are extremely popular with students. Two camps takes place in Winter and Spring, with a mix of classes going in each of the seasons, enjoying the different activities that are offered.

Bulletin Board 

Summit School Alumni score big at 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria, March 14-25, 2017! Two of our former students participated and brought home the hardware!
Emile Baz won Gold and Bronze in Figure Skating
Philip St. Marie won 2 bronze in Speed Skating 
We are very proud of the accomplishments of these athletes


Defi Sportif Altergo:  Centre Claude Robillard, April 24th - 28th, 2017
Summit School is participating with 4 teams:  Swimming, Track and Field, Ball Hockey and Basketball!


Swimming Results:
GOLD Medal:  Daniel L. in Mens 50 Meter Freestyle, division 3
SILVER Medal: Mathew D-Q in Mens 25 Meter Backstroke, division 1
SILVER Medal: Alexandra G. in Women's 25 Meter Backstroke, flotation device division
SILVER Medal: Rebecca F-H. in Women's 25 Meter Freestyle, division 3
BRONZE Medal: Gloria H. in Women's 25 Meter Backstroke, division 2

                  ball hockey

Ball Hockey Results:  Summit Ball Hockey team finished 4th overall in Division A. Congrats to all the players for a brave fight to the close finish for the medal round.

                  Image result for defi sportif basketball 2017

Basketball Results:  Summit's Basketball team won GOLD, 1st place overall in Division A.  Congrats to all the players for their hard work in preparation and execution of their games.

                Image result for defi sportif track and field 2017

Track and Field Results: 
GOLD Medal: Emilie R. in girls 200 Meter run, division 2
SILVER Medal: Naomi C-S. in girls 4 x 200 Meter relay run
SILVER Medal: Emilie R. in girls 4 x 200 Meter relay run
SILVER Medal: Alekxandra T. in girls 4 x 200 Meter relay run
SILVER Medal: Naomi W. in girls 4 x 200 Meter relay run
BRONZE Medal: Yuvraj S-W. in boys 150 Meter run, division 3
BRONZE Medal: Jaedan R. in boys 400 Meter run, division 2
BRONZE Medal: Norbert C. in boys 4 x 200 Meter relay run
BRONZE Medal: Mathew D. in boys 4 x 200 Meter relay run
BRONZE Medal: Malachi L. in boys 4 x 200 Meter relay run
BRONZE Medal: Jeremy R. in boys 4 x 200 Meter relay run 

Special Olympic Swimming Competition:  Dollard des Ormeaux Aquatic Center, May 9, 2017
Thirty-four swimmers ages 12 and up will competed in 25 meter and 50 meter races at the DDO pool. Events included front crawl, back crawl and front and back swim with a flotation device. Congratualations to all the participants!

HALO RACE:  Mount Royal, May 18th, 2017 
5000 students from Greater Montreal area schools competed at the outdoor cross country running event held on Mount Royal. A team of Lauren Hill students participated in 2Km, 4Km, and 5Km distances!


LAW ENFORCEMENT TORCH RUN:  Ville Saint-Laurent, May 18th, 2017
The Law Enforcement Torch Run is the most important annual fundraiser benefiting Special Olympics in the world. It also raises public awareness of the cause of people living with an intellectual disability. More than 85,000 policemen, policewomen and peace officers carry the Flame of Hope in 35 countries on the same day. This year, 15 runners from TECC participated in this year's race through St. Laurent streets and Parc Marcel Laurin, involving police officers from local Montreal precincts. 

                      torch run

SPECIAL OLYMPICS TRACK AND FIELD MEET:  Ville Saint Laurent, May 24th, 2017
This year classes over 100 students from CASP Jr and Sr as well as the Downstairs Challenges and the Modified Primary Teams took part in this annual event hosted by Special Olympics Quebec.  Events included, sprint running, running relay, hurdles, and standing long jump.

              track and field